Useful ways of how to write a blog post

First of all, learning how to write a blog post is not very difficult to do. What do you need to know in order to start a website blog? First, you will have to take a keyboarding course if you do not know how to type. Second, you will have to know or learn how to write good enough to have no grammatical errors. Most importantly you must be an expert or be willing to learn and digest the niche you want to blog about. Additionally, you have to have a basic understanding of how to create a website you can make a website using WordPress. Moreover, you also have to know how to do optimize all of your website pages and post with the power of an SEO tool. In like manner, you have to write useful content to be found easily on search engine results.

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When it comes to searching the web people tend to research answers such as how-to guides, case studies, and resources that can help them solve their problems. Being able to write content that inspires or points the audience in the right direction is important to be found on the internet search. In other words, if you write with this in mind and focus on writing useful content you are going to become an expert in the particular niche or field you are blogging about. In the following section, I offer 11 different types of useful blog post ideas that any brand or marketer can use when writing a blog post.

1. List Post

After all, a list post is just that, a list. Some people may refer to a list post as one of the easiest to read and understand for the reason that it is very versatile because the content is numbered or bulleted and is straight to the point. For your blog, you can create a list of questions, books, tools, resources, or any other topics relevant to your niche or market.

Typically list articles have a quick introduction and have bullet points to the right. As well the points are heavy text this way it drags the reader’s attention. When writing listicles make sure you use images to break up the text and make it much easier for the reader to read. By doing so you will increase the chances of the reader shares your article with their friends.

2. Case Study Post

Generally speaking, the term case study has more value than the term article, blog post, or video. Case Studies give more detailed information and go beyond simple testimonials by showing real-life examples such as your success in a way to help you turn a prospect into a customer.

In a case study post be specific and talk strategy. Create an outline and unpack the details of something. such as a project, event, or process. Tell the story from the start to the end include the failures and the speed bumps that you may face. By doing so you are going to offer authenticity to your case study post. because it proves that your brand is designed by humans with faults, just like the rest of us. Lastly make sure to include real numbers, graphs, and figures that prove your case study examples.

3. How to post

The how-to post is a very popular way for the reason that many people are searching the internet for how-to posts. In the articles of how to, readers will find valuable information regarding solving their problem. The best way to write a how-to article is by describing how to execute a process with the help of images, video, or audio. Using these strategies will make it easier for the reader to follow and solve the problem.

This type of post you will have to include an introduction, and then input the process you’re presenting. You may use an outline of the process in the intro form of a bulleted list before getting into details of the body of the how-to post. Then break the process information into steps with the necessary instructions. By doing so your readers will digest all of the instruction easily.

4. Question and Answer Post

  • Frequently asked question (FAQ) post

The FAQ post is another great way to bring traffic to your website from search engines. If you are continually getting repeat questions from visitors, prospects or customers. Creating an FAQ post is the best way to answer most of the questions your prospects may have. Moreover, a chance that people searching the internet for answers relevant to your niche or business category. the best way to do FAQ post is to create a detailed article on the most FAQ topics.

  • Should have asked the question (SAQ) post

The SAQ is a variation of the FAQ post. This is a question-answer post that answers some of the questions that customers should ask but they do not ask before purchasing a product or service.

5. Checklist Post

As many of us have created a checklist of things when we go to the supermarket. Well, a checklist post is basically the same but in the form of a post. For example, a checklist post from a tour company should contain a list of things they should bring to the tour experience or what parents should bring if they are going to include children on the tour.

One of the best ways to write a checklist post is by breaking up the content into items format. People like this type of article because they are easy to complete and to take action.

6. Problem/Solution Post

Getting to write a solution to a problem post is very easy. The first thing you should do is to write down the problem then present a solution to the problem. The solution to the problem can be a product or a service you sell. For instance, it can be a piece of writing that people can read and find a solution to their problem by buying a service or product from you.

The problem/solution posts are great because they can cross the territory of post types such as the FAQ post, the how-to post, and the checklist post.

7. Research post

Making your very own research on a specific topic around your niche is a great way to attract the right audience into your brand. For the reason that it’s going to attract people that are interested in your niche or topic. Making research on a specific topic can be complicated. By doing research can bring more publicity to your brand and gain authority and experience through time in your niche.

8. Statistics post

In order to write a statistic post, you have to make some research and come up with your own statistics. By producing your own statistics your brand will gain authority. This doesn’t mean you cannot use third party information. But if you are trying to look for awareness and linked to your brand you have to make your own statistics. Do not ignore other resources try to gather information from different locations and create a very well written statistics post.

9. Ultimate guidepost

The best way to writing the ultimate guidepost is by providing guided and detailed information about a specific topic or niche. An ultimate guidepost done right is an article that people will bookmark and continuously return to it. Take the necessary time to write a great article that provides all the information necessary to the ultimate guide to delivering the post on a specific topic.

  • Series Post

The idea behind the ultimate guide is that the reader does not have to go someplace else to look for information. You can break the post into a series of posts with internal linking throughout different blog posts on your website. This post has to belong or like I mentioned before it has to link to other series of posts on the same website.

10. The definition post

The definition post is great to educate a market on a specific topic or niche. As the title suggests is to provides the definition of a specific topic. This works pretty well in industries that have their own term and lingo. For the definition post, you can create an article around the definition of a topic. This informs readers about unknown definitions to them in the form of a blog post.

For definition post. Try to consider creating different definitions post throughout your blog. Make sure you are pointing to important definitions about your niche or brand. Have a sense of logic to define the market that unique, unusual, or controversial. Presenting one or more of these aspects helps you stand out and will create engagement around your post.

11. Youtube Post

The Youtube post leverages a popular youtube video to create stellar content. It could be your video or if you have permission could someone else video. To create this type of video simply take different screens through the video and generate pieces of content around the Youtube post and embed the video to engage more people in your Youtube channel. By adding a link to the Youtube video about the stellar article this way you will have a connection between your Youtube channel and your blog.

To Conclude with Useful ways of How to write a blog post

With all this said in this post I hope that you are able to implement all of the mention ways here when it comes to developing your very own blog post. Take all the necessary steps to progress with your project idea or vision. Getting to know all the basics of how to design and maintain a website using WordPress is a fundamental base for all entrepreneurs. Only the best and educated will know how to write a blog post to convey their valuable message accordingly.

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