Our Website Design Process

1.Tell us all of your online goals

our website client online goals and our website design process

To begin with our website design process the most important decision of all when hiring a website designer is that you and the developer discuss online goals to meet goals end. If you do not discuss any goals then you are not going to have a based plan and website project prototype. This goes from company name, how many pages do you want, services, products, what colors are you expecting to use, payment gateway, the site structure whether is having a responsive website, mobile site, or app. It’s crucial that you and the digital assistant discuss all of this features before getting started. Then the website designer has to provide you with a prototype and plan according to your website project and internet goals.

2.Get a custom prototype and plan before hiring if not do not hire any web services or web products

prototype and plan

As mention above getting a prototype and a plan before getting started is very important for the reasons that a prototype is a custom design of the website before being publish on the internet. A prototype is a design where the customer has a general idea of how the website design is going to look like in the internet as a website, mobile site, or app. Generally a prototype is a plan about all the pages that are going to be made in the website, is also a design of features, logo designs, colors, the text font, pictures, videos, and more.

If you are planning to hire website design solutions do it here we offer prototypes and plans before designing any website. Be aware that wherever you want to hire someone to build a website for you and your business that receiving a web design prototype and plan is a must. Otherwise if not do not register a domain name, ssl, and web hosting or hire their web services.

3.Before you agree to prototype and plan make changes if you do not like something in the design

plan a plan b

If you are going to hire any of the web services remember that you are responsible of anything that you do not agree with. Consider that a prototype is only a mock-up design and plan of the website project. If you do not like something about it (for example colors, photos, design, and more ) let the website designer to make changes then after the changes are made and if you are satisfied agree to get started with the website project this means you can now register a Domain Name, Domain privacy, SSL, Domain email account, and Web hosting.

4.After you agree to prototype register domain name, ssl, and web hosting

domain name ssl web hosting

Take in to consideration that registering a Domain Name, Web Hosting Plan, Domain Privacy, SSL, Domain Email Account and install a CMS App. (For example WordPress) is fundamental to accomplish a website project. Another thing that you may be require is to purchase the copyrights of the website project template and extra features such as extensions and plugins that must be installed to be successfully publish on the internet search with the website project of your desire.

5. Lastly allow website designer to build your internet go digital presence

internet marketing service

Now that you have all the necessary website products and that you agree to the prototype, and plan allow the website designer to design your website project after the prototype and plan discuss and design from step 1 and 2. Then take into consideration that a website project may also requires a strategy and internet marketing services plan to achieve higher visibility, leads, and sales.

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