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It’s time for you to invest some of your time to Learn SEO. You may find yourself that you have created a WordPress site but it’s not appearing on search engines at all. This might be because you are not using any WordPress SEO tools or not following the SEO guidelines. It’s important to realize that optimizing your website for search engines it’s very important. After all, you want interested people to know about your business through the search engine results. There are a few ways that you can bring visitors to your website but some of these options cost you money. Of course, if you Learn SEO you are going to save a lot of money in ads because when a website follows the SEO guidelines that website is placed on Search Engines for free. Yes, I said for free but it will take a few months to a year or more to start generating free organic traffic if you properly follow the SEO guidelines.

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Ways to get visitors to your website

  1. Option 1: Paid Ads through Pay Per Click from Yelp or Yellow Pages
  2. Option 2: Paid Ads through a Newspaper Classifieds Section
  3. Option 3: Paid Ads through Pay Per Click from Facebook
  4. Option 4: Paid Ads through Pay Per Click from Google Adwords
  5. Option 5: Free Ads through Youtube Videos and Paid Ads through Youtube Videos
  6. Option 6: Free Organic Search Engine Optimization

Create a website using WordPress with its latest SEO tools


In order to make a website search engine friendly, there are a few steps that are needed to appear on search engine results. You know that you can learn all of the SEO guidelines with Go Digital Website self-learning video tutorials. You can ask for a free PDF and learn all the elements to make and promote quality website using WordPress you can also keep the FREE PDF until you master how to design and promote your very own e-commerce store or service website. Not only be aware of paid ads but take advantage of SEO free organic traffic. It is fundamental in reality to have a search engine friendly website to be found on the search engine results.

Reasons why your website does not appear on search engines

  • No Domain Name or Website
  • Bad Navigation
  • Fake Comments
  • Bad Information
  • Sneaky Affiliate Links
  • Bad Inbound Link Profile
  • Over Optimization
  • Bad Internal Linking

Invest time to Learn SEO Checklist and Guidelines


Every successful website that you see in the search engine results in the present time, is following the SEO guidelines. To put it in another way a website without title, description, and keyword meta tags are having a hard time appearing on search engine results. You must understand the basics of SEO to appear on search engines. You know that people search the internet over a billion times a day and you know that at this very instant someone is searching for a business similar to yours on the internet.

Follow the SEO Checklist Appendix

  • Must have Domain Name and Website
  • Web Page Real State
  • Site Structure
  • Comments
  • Social Presence
  • The use of effective methods to gain trust
  • Bounce Rates and Time on Site
  • Legal Pages
  • Content Quality
  • Inbound Link Profiles

The importance of SEO Social Backlinks

social media

Many of us are using Social Media Networks significantly for one thing in mind social interaction and communication. Did you know that if you create a backlink from popular social media platforms your website will rank higher in search engine results and if you create interactivity inside these social media platforms you can generate social signals every time someone shares your website in their social profile? In other words connecting your website with reputable directories and social platforms like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Merchant Circle, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, and so on. It’s crucial to add social share buttons to your website. If you want your business to generate a buzz of a word of mouth among interested prospects. By doing so this will increase social interaction within social networks. More importantly, will increase your search engine ranking position that will allow you to gain trust and authority on the internet.

With all this said in this post I hope that you are able to implement all of the different tactics mention here when it comes to developing the SEO of your website. Take all the necessary steps to progress with your project idea or vision. Getting to know all the basics of how to design, maintain, and promote a website using WordPress is a fundamental base for all entrepreneurs. Only the best and educated will create their presence in a digital format.

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