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Several web products are required to make a website and to become live 24/7 on the internet. Also internet marketing strategies and site structure are fundamental to establish a go digital presence watch video to learn more.

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Table of Contents

  1. Table of Contents
    1. How to build your Digital Presence

    1.1 What’s the Idea? (The vision and process)

    1.2 Where is the money?: business and revenue model

    1.3 Who and where is the target audience?

    1.4 Where is the content coming from?

    1.5 Know yourself: Business and website analysis

    1.6 Develop a Digital Presence Map

    1.7 Have a clear vision of your online goals

    1.8 How much does a WordPress Website can cost?

    1.9 Other more expensive costs

    1. How much does it cost to start a WordPress Website?
    2. Choose a Web Hosting Plan and Domain Name

    3.1 What is Domain Name and Domain Privacy? 

    3.2 What is SSL Certificate 

    3.3 How to install WordPress with one click of a mouse

    3.4 How to get a free private business domain email account 

    1. Why change the permalink structure
    2. Free Theme or Premium Theme
    3. What are plugins and how to install them
    4. Steps to create a website and online store

    7.1 How to edit and resize your images 

    7.2 What type of pages should a website have?

    7.3 Designing a website with Elementor free version

    7.4 How does Elementor Pro Works? 

    1. How to improve website speed loading time and performance

    8.1 Follow this Basic WordPress Optimization Guide

    8.2 Advance Optimization   

    1. SEO Tips for website ranking

    9.1 Follow the white label SEO Guidelines

    9.2 Use the free Google Keyword Planner to search for keywords

    9.3 Integrate all of your Social Media Business Pages with your website brand 

    9.4 Submit your website content to the internet search.

    1. Local SEO Tips 
    2. The best Internet Marketing and Advertising Tools 

    11.1 Digital Marketing is the fastest growing form of advertising 

    11.2 How can a website help on Digital Marketing

    11.3 Search Engine Marketing and Advertising

    11.4 Display Ad Marketing

    11.5 Email and Permission Marketing

    11.6 Affiliate Marketing

    11.7 Lead Generation Marketing

    11.8 Sponsorship Marketing

    1. Social Media Marketing

    12.1 What is Social Media?

    12.2 The social media ecosystem

    12.3 A closer look at Engagement Strategies

    12.4 The most popular social media platforms


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