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Types of Automotive Subcategory Website Examples

To start the automotive industry is a broad category phrase but within the automotive category there are many subcategories which we are going to discuss several of them in the next paragraphs take into consideration that mostly all of the automotive industries appear in the internet because they choose to have a website that represents their automotive company.

Auto Repair

auto repair
Mostly all of the websites made according to any auto repair shop they publish all of the details of the different services offer by the auto repair shop these services can be sometimes specific within what the auto repair shop specializes in. This could such as transmissions, brake replacements adjustments, smog check, suspension, motor repairs, tune ups and so on. Together the site offers a map with directions to auto repair, contact information such as email forms, or telephone numbers. Within the auto repair shop blogging is also a good way to keep clients aware of news happening in the auto repair shop.


Another sub category for automotive industry is parking which mostly all of the parking places are shown in the internet these parking spots have a website where they offer pricing, a map, sometimes ticket sales, contact details such email forms, telephone numbers and more. Together has images that represent the parking lot.

Car wash

car wash
Car wash is also a sub category of the automotive industry that as mention most car wash have a website that provides information in the internet about the car wash specials, pricing, services, contact details such as email forms, telephone numbers, directions, images that represent the car wash and so on.


The tire service and supply is another sub category of the automotive industries that are also publish in the internet with a website that provides all of the information about the tire shop and supply this type of websites give details about the tire business hours, telephone, directions, email contact forms, images that represent the tire shop as well and so on.

Towing Services

towing services
Not to mention the towing services are also a sub category about the automotive industry for the reason that sometimes autos need to be tow unfortunately sometimes because accident or auto repair as well the auto dealers use tow services to move their inventory from one location to another the websites of tow services offer information regarding the tow services such telephone numbers, email contact forms, direction to tow yard, images that represent the tow company more to this it also shows pricing per mileage and so on.

Body Shops

body shops
Notice that body shops also use the internet to provide necessary information about their body shops such as directions, telephone numbers, email contact forms, pricing, images of before and after car crash and repairs. Together having a blog that posts relevant information of success stories of body shop repairs.

To conclude with the Automotive Website examples

As is mention above the sub categories of the automotive industry there is a simple explanation of how a website should be consider to be design according to the sub category specialties within the automotive industries.

What are Art and Entertainment Website Examples

There are a great diversity when it comes to art and entertainment website examples to be honest most of the entrepreneurs who get involve with any of the art or entertainment types of local business tent to get a website for their venue to attract more visitors to their location and give easy access to sell tickets, merchandise, provide details, and more according to the venue model and atmosphere. Examples of of these are the following.

All Cinema

all cinema
All cinemas have all of their information publish in the internet for the reason that they want to give and provide easy access to the lists of movies that are listed in the movie theater there is two types of cinemas one is indoor cinemas and the other is outdoor cinemas such as drive-ins. All cinemas use the methods of having a website that are according the cinema details, availability, food, lists of movies, credibility, parking area, tickets sales online, merchandise, and more.

Music Venues

music venues
Music venues are the places where people gather to listen to music, have a social life, interact with others that share the same music interests and of course make new friends. Examples of these music venues are such as Bars, Night Clubs, Rock Cafe's, and more. The websites that are use in the music venues they usually provide information about the next events, ticket sales, concerts, directions, credibility, music interests, autographs of popular artists, and much more.

Art Galleries

art galleries
We are also going to include art gallerias this type of venues are dedicated only to artists, and those who admire and who get inspire by local artists and famous artists. Websites that has to do with the art category are mainly design with the sole purpose to showcase the art and artists who are involve in the art gallerias. For example it showcase, a map with directions, portfolio of art appreciations, interests of artists who are involve that particular art gallery such painting, credibility, sculptures, abstract objects and painting, that follows with ticket sales, merchandise, events of incoming artists, and much more.

Professional Sport Teams

professional sport teams
Sports is a broad category within sports. Mostly all of the professional sport teams, their players, coaches, stadiums, and more. Appear in the internet because they have a website that establish all of their credibility as sport teams whether is for baseball, football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and more. Mostly these type of websites have the details of their program schedules, tournaments, trophies, championships if they have one, most value players, and so on.


Another subcategory of art and entertainments are festivals. In order to communicate and gather and get as many people interested in a organized festival is fundamental to acquire a website with all the information that has to do with the interests share in that particular festival activity. More to to this festival websites provide information about schedules of events and festivals coming soon together these type of websites can sale tickets on the internet, as well merchandise, provide directions, start times for the festival and activities.

To conclude what are art and entertainment website examples

Most likely that Art and entertainments activities are always going to use some form of internet publishing and of course all of that is acquire through having a website design with all the details and information about any particular art and entertainment.

What are Active Life Websites

To begin of what are active life website examples let me explain what type of organizations or business are active life places. There is a great number of places where people can share their active life activities all of this includes from going to the park or simply going to the bowling alley. Many people around the globe are visiting active life places all year round for the reasons that being able to go to theme park or simply take out the family to the arcades is a good way of entertainment for the entire family. Now that you familiar with the term active life website examples now you should have some sort of ideas of what are active life website examples. If you still are not familiar with the term active life I am going to break it down for you and give a more detail examples of active life websites.

Amusement Parks

amusement parks
Many of us have been inside an amusement parks example of amusement parks are like Sea World, Boommers, Inflatable World, Miniature Golf, and so on. Any of the amusement parks available have a website to build an online presence therefore amusements parks have a website where they can sell merchandise, tickets, and have all of the amusements details publish in the website to get more visitors to their active life locations.

Fitness and Instructions

fitness and instructions
For another example of active life websites that has to do anything with fitness and instructions many of the fitness centers have a website where they showcase their location, activities, and instructions offer by their fitness center. Not only that but the coaches in many occasions also publish their own site where they can provide instruction in video format to their fitness clients.

Amateur Sport Teams

Amateur Sport Teams
More to the active life website examples are the amateur sport teams this type of sites can be represented by any type of sports whether is for baseball, tennis, basketball, volley ball, soccer, football and more. Most of the amateur sport teams have their own website where they can publish how their team performs throughout the entire season and also have images and videos of their most popular active plays and tournaments.

Recreation Centers

Recreation Centers
Inside the category of active life website examples are recreation centers which are the types of active life places such as paint ball, rock climbing, surfing, padding boarding, nudist, laser tag and more. All of these active life places are mostly always represented by a website that offers images and details of how the people interact that visit these recreation centers together they offer tickets, merchandise, and location directions.

To Conclude with what are active life website examples

Get to know that these active life website examples are just a way of how a website can help any type of business by providing useful information in the internet using a domain name and a website.
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