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Automotive Website Examples

Types of Automotive Subcategory Website Examples

To start the automotive industry is a broad category phrase but within the automotive category there are many subcategories which we are going to discuss several of them in the next paragraphs take into consideration that mostly all of the automotive industries appear in the internet because they choose to have a website that represents their automotive company.

Auto Repair

auto repair
Mostly all of the websites made according to any auto repair shop they publish all of the details of the different services offer by the auto repair shop these services can be sometimes specific within what the auto repair shop specializes in. This could such as transmissions, brake replacements adjustments, smog check, suspension, motor repairs, tune ups and so on. Together the site offers a map with directions to auto repair, contact information such as email forms, or telephone numbers. Within the auto repair shop blogging is also a good way to keep clients aware of news happening in the auto repair shop.


Another sub category for automotive industry is parking which mostly all of the parking places are shown in the internet these parking spots have a website where they offer pricing, a map, sometimes ticket sales, contact details such email forms, telephone numbers and more. Together has images that represent the parking lot.

Car wash

car wash
Car wash is also a sub category of the automotive industry that as mention most car wash have a website that provides information in the internet about the car wash specials, pricing, services, contact details such as email forms, telephone numbers, directions, images that represent the car wash and so on.


The tire service and supply is another sub category of the automotive industries that are also publish in the internet with a website that provides all of the information about the tire shop and supply this type of websites give details about the tire business hours, telephone, directions, email contact forms, images that represent the tire shop as well and so on.

Towing Services

towing services
Not to mention the towing services are also a sub category about the automotive industry for the reason that sometimes autos need to be tow unfortunately sometimes because accident or auto repair as well the auto dealers use tow services to move their inventory from one location to another the websites of tow services offer information regarding the tow services such telephone numbers, email contact forms, direction to tow yard, images that represent the tow company more to this it also shows pricing per mileage and so on.

Body Shops

body shops
Notice that body shops also use the internet to provide necessary information about their body shops such as directions, telephone numbers, email contact forms, pricing, images of before and after car crash and repairs. Together having a blog that posts relevant information of success stories of body shop repairs.

To conclude with the Automotive Website examples

As is mention above the sub categories of the automotive industry there is a simple explanation of how a website should be consider to be design according to the sub category specialties within the automotive industries.

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